Love coffee? 


So do we!  We’re serious about coffee here at Cocolicious. Our Barista uses coffee beans that have been carefully and lovingly roasted by hand in England, and he works his magic to create the finest cup to order. 

Love great food? 

At Cocolicious we are proud that our tasty food is lovingly hand made in our cosy kitchen on Stone Street in Cranbrook, Kent. Using the best ingredients, including milk from just down the road in Northiam, we make delicious, honest food.

Our Charity - The Terry Bear Toto Project

Read about the charity we support here

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What's New?

Welcome to Cocolicious!  We’re proud to say that the

doors of our brand new pâtisserie are now open!


Join us for ~ Coffee & Pâtisserie. Tasty Lunches. Tea Time Treats